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01506 634477

Cleaning supplies for hospitals

Adhering to strict guidelines, maintaining a clear cleaning schedule, keeping staff trained while sticking to a tight budget is a challenge we are prepared to help you with.

A streamlined management of?hospital cleaning operations

Patient rooms, visitor areas, entrance lobbies, surgical wards, work places all have different cleaning requirements and schedules. Cleaning teams consist of many staff that require to be trained properly in order to maintain health and safety standards throughout the hospital. Materials need to be delivered in a timely manner, and large product containers disposed of or recycled. Find out how Trichem can help!

Staff training that fits in with your schedule

Sending a number of staff members to attend a course is costly and time-consuming.

Access our bite-sized online courses anytime, anywhere.?Staff can complete courses in their own time.?
No need to send staff costly training courses.?Reducing travel and additional staff costs.

Scotland-based manufacturer and distributor of cleaning products

We produce and distribute our own cleaning products from our main manufacturing plant and warehouse in the Central Belt of Scotland. Therefore we can guarantee next-day delivery to pretty much anywhere on the Scottish mainland.?

cleaning supplies for hospitals
cleaning chemicals container recycling

Reduce costs, storage, waste AND help the environment

We know storage comes at a price and Trichem has always been keen to reduce the impact on the environment. Therefore, we pick up and re-use large cleaning fluid drums free of charge from hospitals across Scotland – even if you are not our customer! We inspect each container for safe re-use. Large cleaning fluid containers can be re-used up to 30 times.

More efficient cleaning solutions

With the right product and dosage, you can eliminate waste and reduce time having to re-clean laundry or dishes.

All our cleaning solutions for the different areas of care homes are certified to help you clean effectively and safely.

cleaning chemicals for hospitals

Next-Day & Free Delivery

We manufacture most of our commercial cleaning products ourselves, therefore we are not dependent on other suppliers. When you place an order, we deliver the products with our own vans and drivers and do not rely on external delivery providers. We aim to deliver your order by the next business day.

The right products for a clean and safe environment for patients, staff, and visitors


Cleaning Schedule

We will help you develop a cleaning schedule which will keep your work and customer environment safe and clean and always ready for an inspection.

BS EN 1276 Compliance

The Food Standards Agency requires Food Operators to ensure they use appropriate disinfectants - where necessary - that meet the requirements of British Standards BS EN 1276 or BS EN 13697 for the disinfection of surfaces and equipment that comes into contact with food.

Alternative Products

After the supplies audit, we may suggest different products that actively help you reduce costs in the long term. We can introduce re-useable products to you, that can save money in the long term, or suggest concentrated products which have a big impact on the reduction of costs.

Regular Usage Audits

We help you make sure that you don't over-order and keep surplus stock at your premises by regularly checking usage of products and amending the order values and helping you reduce costs.

New-Start Training

We have put together a comprehensive training which is particularly useful for new-starts in your care home, making sure they are up-to-date with recent guidelines and requirements.

COSHH Training

All your staff have access to our online portal, where they can take part in regular online training course to learn or refresh their knowledge.?

Reduce Waste

Save hundreds of kg of plastic waste per year by having large cleaning containers automatically picked up by Trichem for re-use and recycling.

24-hour delivery

You need it, we deliver it. Orders placed by 3 PM will be delivered next day.

Appliance inspection

For a peace of mind, we offer a fee inspection of your commercial appliances. ?Find out more about our appliance inspection service.

Trichem provided us with the Trichem Book containing all the required COSHH information, instruction charts, how-to-use leaflets for laundry, kitchen and domestics. They saved us hours of work and hassle compiling all this in one handy folder, keeping our cleaning service safe and compliant.

Margaret Rose, Manager,?Kinning Park Carehome, Glasgow