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01506 634477

Chemical Fogging Service in Central Scotland

Green, eco-friendly fogging disinfection system that uses a ‘dry’ mist to sanitize whole rooms, vehicles, and the surfaces of equipment in a matter of minutes, with no residue or odours.

Whole-Room disinfection

Fogging Service Scotland

Chemical fogging is used to remove airborne bacteria and viruses from your business property.

What type of buildings and businesses would benefit from chemical fogging?

Fogging can be applied in almost any room. These include:

  • Call centres
  • Offices
  • Open plan offices
  • Staff locker rooms
  • Staff toilets
  • Kitchens
  • Care Homes
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Vets
  • Doctor Surgeries
  • Dentist Surgeries

Did you know

Fogging is a dry disinfection which doesn’t leave any residue. It is safe to work with, a very eco-friendly product, which breaks down the hydrogen and the water.

During the fogging process, the chemical lands on top off keyboards and computers and it will not make them wet or cause power shortages.

AFNOR NF T72 281 Efficiency Standard Approved

What is electrostatic fogging?

Electrostatic fogging (or surface disinfection) is an entirely different operation.

Electrostatic fogging is great if only surfaces need to be sanitised. There is not special qualification required to provide electrostatic fogging.?

How does it work?

This video explains the process of whole-room fogging.

Also check out our blog article which provides a lot more information.

Transforming the way you manage cleaning

Standardise training. Adhere to guidelines. Reduce waste. Find out how with Trichem.

Combining all requirements for a safe organisation

Whether you look after a hospital or require a reliable cleaning supplier for your hospitality business. We strive to provide all the requirements necessary to operate in a clean and safe environment.?

24-hour delivery

You need it, we deliver it. Orders placed by 3 PM will be delivered next day.

Hygiene Monitoring

We help you put in place control measures to prevent problems by adhering to the latest legislation.


ATP Testing

We can provide ATP Testing on a monthly basis to ensure equipment and product sanitation standards are always met.

Reduce Waste

Save hundreds of kg of plastic waste per year by having large cleaning containers automatically picked up by Trichem for re-use and recycling.

COSHH Training

All your staff have access to our online portal, where they can take part in regular online training course to learn or refresh their knowledge.?

New-Start Training

We have put together a comprehensive training which is particularly useful for new-starts in your organisation, making sure they are up-to-date with recent guidelines and requirements.


Product Videos

We regularly add product videos to our online portal explaining the safe use in any given environment.

Regular Usage Audits

We help you make sure that you don't over-order and keep surplus stock at your premises by regularly checking usage of products and amending the order values and helping you reduce costs.

Safety Audit

Once a year, as part of your contract, we will perform a safety audit at your premises ensuring all products are used correctly.

Trichem Chemicals are probably the best products we have worked with on an industrial basis.

- Fiona Hamilton, Housekeeper, Glenbervie Care