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Save up to 58% on your annual detergent costs

Written by Nadin Thomson

cheap commercial detergent uk

The basics about commercial dishwasher detergents??

Most commercial kitchens use dishwashers with auto-dosing equipment so that the dishwasher detergent is added automatically as and when required during the wash cycle.

On initial setup, the dishwasher appliance is calibrated for the respective cleaning jobs and the detergent to be used. Before every service (and sometimes even more frequently), the dishwasher should be emptied so that the detergent can work to its full capacity.

At the beginning of the service, the calibrated amount of detergent is added automatically, and during the following wash cycles, smaller amounts are added to top up the detergent.

Commercial concentrated cleaning detergents consist of water and the respective cleaning ingredients.

  • Value detergents: Low concentration of cleaning chemicals
  • Standard detergents: Slightly higher concentration of cleaning chemicals
  • Concentrated detergents: High concentration of cleaning chemicals
  • Ultra-high concentrated detergents: Very high?concentration of cleaning chemicals

You require substantially more value detergent, water and time for the same job as you would using a concentrated or ultra-concentrated detergent.?

Benefits of concentrated detergents

  • Concentrated products reduce packaging and transport costs
  • Products need to be bought less often
  • Fewer deliveries result in reduced delivery costs
  • However, they require specialist manufacturing and safer packaging
  • Reduced impact on the environment
commercial dishwasher detergent comparison cheap vs expensive

Where does the 58% come from?

We have compared prices with Cash&Carry products.

Typical Prices are:

Detergent Type Drum Size Cash & Carry Trichem Saving
Value Detergent 5 L £8.49 £3.49 58%
Standard Detergent 5 L £8.49 £5.99 29%
Premium Detergent 10 L £24.99 £20.02 20%


57% saving for one of our clients

One of our restaurant clients buys 8 x 5 L of dishwasher detergent every month. They used to pay £11.95 per 5 L container for a standard detergent. With Trichem, they pay £8 per 5 L drum. Their annual saving is 57%, or a total of £667.?

How much will you save?

Calculate yourself and see if you can save on your annual detergent costs.